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Our Schools

Build a School Website Easily!

Spike@School makes web design for schools easy. If you can write an email, you can use Spike@School to make anything from pages to podcasts, image galleries to online stores. We're always adding new modules that assist you in creating the content you want to create.

Mobile Friendly!

Your school community are more likely to be accessing your website via their mobile device now more than ever before. All new Spike@School websites come equipped with a mobile friendly template, and existing customers can get in touch with us for a quote to make their templates mobile friendly.

Find out how Spike@School works...

Your job is tough enough without having to spend ages working on your website. Sure, it takes time to create great content, but we want to make sure you don't waste time grappling with awkward tools. That's why we've designed Spike@School from the ground up with teachers in mind. Our experience in schools has allowed us to make a website management system that is both easy to use, and powerful enough to get the job done.


"We have had really fantastic responses from our community in regards to our new school website. Thank you again for all your help."
Sarah Gleeson - Good Shepherd School

"Thank you so much for everything - your support, emails, and patience! We really appreciate the way you and Spike@School run the web design process."
Emma Hapi - Brookfield School

"Setting up our school website was a pleasure. My ideas and thoughts were listened to and the graphic designer added great new features. Even though we were delayed due to other events at our school, the team at Spike@School were very patient and allowed me all the time I needed to transfer our existing information over to the new site.

I have found Brendon to be extremely responsive - my questions are always answered quickly. Whenever I see a list of all Spike@School's new clients I am always surprised because he makes me I feel like I am the only one. Brendon has been happy to tweak his modules by adding in small features I have requested.

Brendon and Nigel will do anything they can to help and are always friendly and pleasant to deal with. At no time do I ever feel like I am asking a stupid question (although I probably am sometimes!)."
Michelle Simms - Te Totara Primary School

"We are all thrilled with the new page. Thanks so much for your flexibility and assistance. You have been very easy to work with."
Bryce Coleman - Paremata School

"I am having soooo much fun setting this up!"
Linda Woolhouse - Te Poi School

"You are brilliant and not to mention patient. Yes, I followed your instructions and all is fixed and good. Thank you so much for your time and patience. Once you think it through, everything in this site is so easy!!! It is great."
Rosemary Murphy - Allandale School

"Thanks so much. We are loving the ePortfolios. Just had a competition to see who could make the best one."
June Malcolm - Newstead Model Country School

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for your amazingly super fast help whenever I have a query. Your help and support for the Spike@School website is fantastic and far superior to anything I have encountered before! :-)"
Nicki Ibbetson - Otamarakau School

"Spike@School designed our website in 2010. It has been very effective in enabling two way communication with our members. The site looks good, is very easy to navigate, and is exceptionally easy to manage. We could not be happier with Spike@School!"
Pat Poland - President - Waikato Principals Association

"Thanks so much for your prompt reply! I LOVE the Spike website!"
Carol-Lynn Hill - Cambridge Primary School

"Just want to say how delighted we are with the web site - it is doing everything we wanted and more."
Laurie Hodge - Papakura Normal School

"You are a very clever man!! This website is brilliant. I have saved in excess of $3k because of the online form editor built into Spike@School. It took me 3 hours to teach myself and then design the form. It will save me many many hours of heartache etc... Absolutely superb!!!!! I will keep recommending your system to everyone that I know."
Bevan Campbell - Waikanae School

ePortfolio Areas

Our latest Spike@School module, ePortfolio Areas, allow you to set up areas on your website where students can present their work in a private and secure environment. An ePortfolio is basically a mashup of any combination of some of our other modules:

ePortfolio's can be shared with others and can be made public on an individual basis. The student has full control over this. Students can make as many ePortfolios as they like and can organise them using Containers.

Find out more about ePortfolio Areas...

Learning Cave Sets

With Spike@School not only do you get a great website, you also get access to the Learning Caves. Learning Caves are very simple, yet very powerful online group collaboration areas for your students. They're aimed at Primary and Intermediate aged children and work differently to most other Learning Management Systems (LMS) you may have encountered. We pioneered the way by making our Learning Caves group based. This means that children in the group all share one password, and you don't have to run around trying to manage passwords for your children. Learning Caves are 'group outcome' focused so the students are encouraged to work together toward a common goal using an Enquiry Learning model.

You may be thinking that this would promote poor behaviour between students, however we have found the opposite to be true. Our schools love how easy it is to get started with Learning Caves, and it is this low barrier to entry that has made Learning Caves a popular choice.

Find out more about Learning Cave Sets...

The Next Step

Hopefully you're excited about what you've read above! Whether you've already got a school website, or you're looking for your first, we believe Spike@School is the best choice. Remember, we don't replace your job as website administrator, we just make it easier by providing the tools to help you do your job better.